• Cleaning – No matter the compound, we have a recipe for cleaning seals in a controlled environment. At our facilities, semiconductor seals are cleaned to remove particles and surface contamination. Seals for medical applications are cleaned to remove bioburden – the proteins and organic substances that can be found on o-ring surfaces.
  • Cleanroom – Our ISO Class 7 (10000) certified cleanroom is used for vacuum packaging and nitrogen purge. These processes increase seals’ shelf life, eliminate contamination from a bag’s sealing area and preserve the shape and surface conformity of seals.
  • Packaging – Our Class 7 (10000) certified packaging cell allows us to package large production quantities and create custom labeling. Use of poly-metal packaging bags prevents ultraviolet or hydrostatic damage to seals.
  • Custom cutting – There’s no need to sub-contract laser or water jet cutting of gaskets or die-cut shapes. We’ll manage the process for you and deliver custom cut parts


  • Quality Control– Video imaging equipment and Coordinate-Measuring Machines (CMM) are used to measure parts, magnify defects and detect small surface imperfections to ensure tight tolerances.
  • Process control – Specialized seals must be backed by process control methodology. We manage the data, are able to track parts, and provide batch control.
  • Consignment inventory program – Our innovative consignment program helps qualified customers easily and directly manage their inventory levels using bar code data collection and physical inventories. Implementing this program ensures that min/max levels are fully stocked and potential downtime is eliminated.

Demanding industries demand our services.

No matter the industry, from semiconductor to solar, medical to automotive, Pacific Rubber can source or develop seals to meet rigorous tolerances. Read more

Start-to-finish seal services.

At Pacific Rubber, we pride ourselves on meeting customers’ needs for a variety of seal preparation services. Our long list of services means there’s no need to contract with a secondary source for inspection, cleaning, surface conditioning or custom packaging. Read more