Pacific Rubber and Packing Quality Policy 

Pacific Rubber and Packing is dedicated to delivering high-quality products that not only meet regulatory requirements but also surpass the industry’s best quality standards. To achieve this goal, Pacific Rubber and Packing is committed to exceptional management practices, ensuring customer satisfaction both internally and externally, maintaining the effectiveness of the quality system, and continually improving processes and methodologies.

Quality Metrology Capabilities to Ensure Customer Expectations Are Not Only Met, But Exceeded:

Keyence IM-7001 IM Series Image Measurement System

Drastically reduce the amount of time and effort required for inspection. With conventional methods, measurement time increases in relation to the amount of dimensions taken. With the IM Series, up to 99 dimensions can be measured in seconds. Measurement data is automatically saved and managed as soon as a part is measured. Inspection reports can also be created with the push of a button to increase post-measurement work efficiency. Automatically identifies measurement points, ensuring that the same measurement results are obtained each time. The IM-7000 Series is equipped with a specifically designed optical lens with a large depth of field. It also automatically brings measurement points into focus. This is useful for parts with uneven surfaces, where all of the measurement areas cannot be brought into focus at the same time.

COORD3 Benchmark CMM w/ Vision Probe

The COORD3 BENCHMARK CMM offers a high performance CMM with the added benefit of small footprint; its unique half-gantry bridge design has X and Y axis at the same level providing increased rigidity and offering an outstanding metrology platform for high accuracy small and medium part inspection. 0.1 micron X and Y measuring scales being at the same working height offers an improved thermal reaction when operating in less than perfect temperatures. The open structure BENCHMARK provides outstanding ergonomics and is ideal for the inspection of high volume production parts or single part inspection in the smaller manufacturing operations; its compact size is ideal for quality room or production CMM applications. The Deva036 CMM Vision Probe is a complete vision and lighting solution for CMM systems with convenient mounting options such as AJN for Renishaw Auto-Joint. The probe includes a high resolution image sensor, compact optics and flexible LED lighting to offer improved measurements and efficiency from a CMM.

Keyence 3-Axis UV Laser Marker

MD-U UV laser markers are designed for high-contrast, damage-free marking applications. UV lasers excel at marking plastics, glass, and other heat-sensitive materials. The MD-U’s marking head contains an embedded multi-function camera that can autofocus to a part, check-marking quality, and read 2D codes. Uniform marking quality is possible not only on three-dimensional shapes but also at the centers and edges of flat surfaces. This makes it possible to reduce time spent on changeovers. KEYENCE’s proprietary digital scanners and optimized control enable more accurate, faster marking. High-precision marking can be performed over a wide area of 330 mm × 330 mm 12.99″ × 12.99″. This not only reduces costs by simplifying the handling process but also helps improve productivity by reducing indexing time. The distortion, changes in shape, and beam spot size variations that occur when using conventional lasers with an Fθ lens can be eliminated. The 3-Axis Controls adjust the focal point to maintain high-accuracy marking and processing throughout the entire marking area.

Keyence LJ-V7001 High-Speed 2D/3D Laser Scanner

Improve quality, catch defects, and increase yield. Every day our customers face the increasingly difficult push to raise quality control standards and boost yield despite the growing complexity of parts and manufacturing processes. With conventional contact sensors and 1D laser displacement sensors, inline profile measurements and inspections are difficult. The LJ-V Series solves this issue by implementing appropriate quality control. The LJ-V Series is the fastest 2D laser measuring instrument in the world.* This makes it possible to measure parts moving at extremely high speeds, in high definition, without missing a single one. Profiles are accurately measured even in cases where black surfaces, inclines with low reflectivity and metallic surfaces with high reflectivity are mixed together under the same optical axis. The newly developed HSE3 -CMOS wide dynamic range has provided the LJ-V Series with improvements in both speed and detection stability. The LJ-V Series is able to perform any measurement thanks to a variety of head variations and measurement modes, as well as 3D inspection when connected to an image processing system. In addition, the automatic setting optimization function makes operation easy for any user.

ISO 9001 Certification

Pacific Rubber and Packing has proudly achieved ISO 9001 Certification from DQS, Inc., demonstrating our unwavering dedication to superior quality in every aspect of our work. This prestigious certification covers our design, manufacture, and distribution of advanced rubber and sealing solutions, supporting numerous applications across industries such as semiconductor, aerospace, automotive, medical and more.

This ISO 9001 Certification is evidence of our commitment to maintaining the highest standards in our products and services. It reflects our comprehensive approach to quality management, which involves every member of the Pacific Rubber and Packing team in our ongoing quest for excellence. Pacific Rubber is recognized as the best-in-class value-add seal supplier.