Pacific Rubber & Packing can create custom seals or make manufactured seals installation-ready for a variety of industries with demanding environments.

(Injected molded parts and laminated seals are available across all industries.)


Performance elastomer and perfluoroelastomer o-rings; metal-free elastomer seals; rubber-to-metal bonded seals; diaphragms; thermoplastic seals and components; molded thermoset and thermoplastic components; spring-energized seals; plasma process consumable components; cleanroom packaging. | See Case Studies

pacific rubber seal for different applications


FDA-approved materials for medical, bio-tech and pharmaceutical applications; thermoplastic molded shapes; high purity and contaminate-free sealing solutions; in-house metrology, cleaning and packaging to reduce bio-burden. Facilities audited by major medical device manufacturers. | See Case Studies

Solar Energy

Vacuum and plating process seals; permeation enhanced seals; bonded rubber seals; conductive and insulating seals and o-rings; thermosealing laminates and hot-melt gaskets. | See Case Studies


PPAP qualified parts; silicone seals; EPDM seals; design and manufacture of custom seals; expertise in seals and gaskets for inverters and chargers for electric cars. | See Case Studies

Consumer Electronics

Injected molded parts; conductive materials; design and manufacture of custom seals; adaptation of manufactured seals. | See Case Studies

General Industrial

Performance seals and gaskets; thermoplastic molded shapes; elastomeric shapes;  large stock on hand. | See Case Studies