Brand name and custom seals, rubber gaskets, and O-ring products

Right seal. Right price. Right on time.

Pacific Rubber & Packing is a leading provider of rubber seals, custom seals, rubber gaskets and o-ring products. We carry leading brands as well as custom manufacture seal products using a broad range of rubber, silicone, and elastomer materials depending on the specified application. You can find a Pacific Rubber o-ring, custom seal or gasket working reliably in most industries including semi-conductor, medical, automotive, solar and other general manufacturing industries.

Our stock of more than 13 million o-rings and seals enables us to match customers' specific needs, and then deliver the appropriate seal solution, often within 24 hours.

Should the sealing solution you need not be readily available, we'll design, produce and deliver a custom seal solution to meet your specifications.

At Pacific Rubber, we're uniquely positioned to deliver top-quality seals from leading manufacturers, assist clients in the design and production of custom seals or transform a manufactured o-ring or rubber seals and gaskets for use in demanding environments.

ISO 9001:2015 Certified